Be A Wildflower

A wildflower brings colour and life to even the toughest of places. In its vulnerability, it stands strong and shares its unique beauty with the world around it. It's non-conformist and resilient. It blooms on its own terms and never gives up. It's as fierce as it is brave and knows that there is always a way. It trusts, it loves and it is as wild as it is free. It simply believes it can so it does.

Even the world knows any effort at imposing expectation or pressure on it is futile. It will be its own kind of beautiful.


Meet Me

My name is Carmen and I'm the founder, creator and designer of Wildflower.

Because I have lived my life taking in the experience of being a woman in our world both personally and professionally, I have a special interest in making things easier and more enjoyable. Through my background in social work, my exploration of yoga and because I am a woman myself who has seen a lot and lived through it all, I recognize the gaps in information and experience and am committed to filling them.

I believe women are the key to changing the world. Strong, bold women raise strong, bold girls. Girls who are unafraid to be themselves. Girls who believe they are enough. Girls who live by example and encourage others to do the same. I believe potential and possibility are endless and if we are brave enough to share our best with the world, the positive impacts are infinite.

I hold a Bachelor of Social Work Degree, a Yoga Teacher Certification and have attended countless trainings, workshops and seminars on all things human. I have worked with government and non-government, profit and not-for-profit. I have managed behind the scenes and represented the front-lines. For years I have taught, coached, supervised, facilitated and counselled. I have worked with diverse populations in a variety of different roles and all of this has inspired and informed the creation of my favourite project yet, Wildflower.

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Wildflower Beginnings

In a world in which the messages are strong and the pressures stronger, I saw the devastation from the lack of a solid foundation for perhaps the most misinformed and unprepared population out there- young women. Not only had I worked for years with women and youth professionally, I had been one of those young girls myself. My heart ached every time I heard another woman say that they wished they had known more, better or different.

During a conversation in a cafe with two dear friends, it hit me- experiences needed to be created that offered more, better and different. Something that would give young girls everything they needed and women everything they wished for. From that moment forward, Wildflower took on a life of its own.  

Inspired by research, theory, experience and women who have been there, Wildflower was developed for women by women. It emerges at the best of East meets West and gives a raw and real perspective of what it means to be a woman within our current world.


Wildflower Philosophy


Be Unapologetically You

We're constantly told what to do, what to say, how to act and who to be, but know this: you are more than enough. You bet you're interesting. And you are exactly who you are meant to be. I believe in uniqueness. In difference. But also in sameness. I believe in defining ourselves on our own terms, without comparison, explanation or judgment. Be beautiful, be brave, be fierce, be unapologetically you.

Connect Deeper

I believe connection is the ultimate foundation. Be it to someone, something or even to ourselves, when we are deeply connected we feel more secure. A strong mother-daughter bond is key to unlocking confidence and a more positive life experience for both women. Start early. Invest in each other. Make it a priority. All relationships take work, this one included. Learn more about each other. Understand deeper. Appreciate the beauty of the bond.


Love More

I love love. And I believe that the answer to most questions is more love. Share love when you can and be sure to accept it as well. Love who you are and what life brings you because it is exactly what you need. Find the magic, beauty and sometimes irony in it all. Of course you struggle. Of course you fail. Everyone does. Perfection doesn't exist so love yourself more. Love others more. Love our world more.


You have everything that you need within you and the world will never give you more than you can handle. Trust in your ability to make decisions and to know what is best for you. The proof is in you being here. Trust that you are worthy of success and love and happiness. Trust yourself, trust others and trust the world and you will see- anything is possible.