You Have Arrived!

Be proud of yourself. You're about to give your daughter and you the greatest gift of all- each other.

I am beyond excited that you want to join me for Wildflower’s upcoming Mother & Daughter Retreat. It is an experience like no other. Your bond will strengthen. Confidence will grow. You will share something so special, you will remember it forever. Here are the next steps:


Step 1: Fill Out The Application Form

I want to make sure that the retreat is the right fit for you and your daughter. The initial information that you provide helps me get to know a little bit about you and what you are looking for. It also helps ensure that any special requests or requirements are taken into consideration, and let's me know topics and activities that you are aching to explore. Hearing from you is really important to me.  


Step 2: Receive A Response From Me

If it is the right fit and I am able to have you and your daughter on retreat for your requested dates, we move ahead.


Step 3: Schedule An Initial Skype Call With Me

It’s important that both you and your daughter feel excited and comfortable about the upcoming retreat. It’s also important that you know that this is a personalized experience and I am committed to both of you getting the most out of it. It's why I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions and accommodating as best I can any requests that you may have.


Step 4: Get Ready For The Retreat

A welcome package with everything you need to know will be sent your way. We’ll stay in touch leading up to the retreat as well. You’re part of the Wildflower community now.