Dream of feeling confident in giving your daughter everything she needs? 

Of course you do. I get it- although remarkably rewarding, being a mom is tough and the pressure monumental. Time is limited and at the end of the day you never really know if you did the right thing. But know you are exactly the mother that your daughter needs and you are enough.

I know you want your daughter to be happy, confident and full of the belief that she can do anything. And that starts with you. How you feel about yourself teaches her how to feel about herself. She watches you and takes in everything. Be the kind of woman you want your daughter to be. These workshops focus on you and what you need for yourself first, so you can be everything you want for others too.


The Outcomes

Feeling that you are doing your best, and understanding that your best is constantly evolving, changes everything. I am committed to building this foundation in you by planting seeds of love and acceptance.

You Love And Trust Yourself

You are kind to yourself. You feel worthy of love. You trust yourself so your daughter trusts you too. And because you trust yourself, you trust her too.

You Ease Pressure And Expectations From Others

You learn perfection doesn’t exist. You believe you are doing your best. You see pressure and expectation for what it is- damaging and unrealistic.

Your Bond With Your Daughter Deepens

You feel more available for your daughter. You are living as a model for her. She learns from what you do and she sees that she must love, trust and care for herself.


The Experience

The workshop topics are explored in how they relate to yourself and your relationships. Looking at what it means to be a mother in a world that constantly expects and asks for more, each theme represents a fundamental concept in your life. Explore trust, beauty, fierceness, freedom and love in a way that will make a difference in your life. The discussions, breathwork and yoga are designed to inspire you and relieve the pressure, guilt and worry that you feel. Create space to weave magic and explore yourself as well as support others. 

Check Out The Topics And Themes In Detail Here!

Experience Options

Join me for an upcoming experience cultivating connection within yourself and exploring how that translates into your relationships and life as a whole. Giving air-time to topics you’re craving to talk about and explore more deeply. Diving below the surface and peeling back the layers of what you aren’t to reveal and celebrate what you are. Would like to see another date, location or time? Fantastic! Get in touch and we can set something up.

Individual Workshop

Details: 3 hours, 1 theme, 2 hour workshop, 1 hour breathwork/yoga

Themed Yoga Classes for Women and/or Mothers

Details: 60 minute sequence/15 minute discussion

Women's Breathwork Circle

Details: 2.5 hours, facilitated and guided conversation and breathwork journey.

Weekend Intensive

Details: 9 - 5 Saturday and 9 - 5 Sunday, 4 themes, 2 breathwork/yoga classes

5-Week Series

Details: 3 hour workshop once a week, all 5 themes, 2 hour workshop, 1 hour breathwork/yoga


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Please note: Wildflower celebrates and embraces choice with voluntary participation. This is not a therapeutic program. For more information click here.