Dream of a world where girls are unafraid to be themselves?

Me too. The messages young women receive in this world are outrageous. Between the misinformation and ridiculous standards, there are still some of the most important things that we don’t even talk about. Knowledge is power, and these workshops and classes touch on fundamental aspects and pressures of being a woman. No topic is off-limits. I give air-time to some of the most important things our girls need to hear.

The Outcomes

Feeling confident and secure in who we are changes everything. I am committed to building a solid positive foundation in girls by planting seeds of love and acceptance.

Boldness And Self-Confidence

Girls know and feel their worth. They define their own boundaries. They make positive choices. They ask for what they want and need.

Information And Tools

Girls learn how to say no. And how to say yes. They know truth from unrealistic expectation. They communicate clearly. And they choose positive outlets.

Trust And Love

They trust themselves. They choose who to trust. They speak kinder to themselves. They love and accept themselves unconditionally. And they receive love openly.


The Experience

The workshop topics are explored in how they relate to ourselves and our relationships. Looking at what it means to feel secure in a world that asks us to be one thing yet tells us to be another. Each theme represents a fundamental concept in our lives. We explore trust, beauty, fierceness, freedom and love in the best way possible. The activities are designed to inspire and build confidence, as well as to explore who we are, what we want and how to get there.

Check Out The Topics And Themes In Detail Here!


How To Get Involved

As An Organization

If you are a school, dance center, yoga studio or other organization that wants to support our girls in discovering the beauty and power within, fantastic! Let's work together.

Choose a topic and we will organize a workshop at your location.

As A Mother

If you are a mother (or group of mothers) that sees the pressure and expectation that exists for your daughter and want support in helping her cope and thrive, fabulous! Let's work together.

We can choose topics and locations tailored to your needs.

Experience Options

Here's the breakdown. Workshops can be delivered individually, as a weekend intensive, as a 5-week series or woven in through themed yoga classes. Have an idea for something not listed or would like to get started. Amazing! Get in touch!

Individual Workshop

Details: 3 hours, 1 theme

Themed Yoga Classes for Girls

Details: 45 minute sequence/15 minute discussion

Weekend Intensive

Details: 9 - 5 Saturday and 9 - 5 Sunday, 4 themes

5-Week Series

Details: 3 hour workshop once a week, all 5 themes


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Please note: Wildflower celebrates and embraces choice with voluntary participation. This is not a therapeutic program. For more information click here.