Start With Small Moments

We tell ourselves to trust, but where do we even start? We ask others to trust us, but how do we make that happen?

The best thing we can do is to start with ourselves. 

Trust, much like connection, is built on a series of small moments. Whether it is with ourselves or with someone else, it is the consistent, little things that matter. It’s showing up on time, when we said we would. It’s getting out for that walk, when we told ourselves we would. It’s respecting and keeping information safe when someone has shared something with us that's so close to their heart. 

It’s those moments when our words are completely in line with our actions.

The good news is we can start (or continue) with the small moments now. 

We can increase trust in ourselves by making a list of a few simple things that we can stick to and make happen. A few small goals that we put in place and then achieve. 

Not sure where to start? How about here:

1) Commit to a morning routine. Could be something as simple as 3 deep breaths before you get out of bed, a favourite song played while you are in the shower or putting on your favourite perfume even though it's just an ordinary day. 

2) Implement an evening ritual. Turn off your phone 5 minutes before you go to bed and read something inspiring, write down 3 things you are grateful for or simply revel in silence. 

3) Attend a weekly activity. Sign up for a yoga class, drop-in at the fitness center or go for a walk in your favourite area. 

4) Complete a chore or 'Life Admin' task. Checking something off your list that's been on it far too long can make an incredible difference. Hang that picture, give away those shoes, clean that corner. 

When we do these things, when we consistently show up for ourselves, no matter how big or small the action, we reinforce in our brain that we can be trusted to be there for ourselves when we really need to be. This then rolls over into other areas like decision making and relationships with others. 

So as our trust builds, so does our connection to ourselves. And our ability to show others that they can trust us too. We model, we set an example and then we naturally invite a deeper connection.

Love Fiercely,