All We Have To Do Is Choose

One of the most beautiful things about being human is our capacity for choice. Perhaps sometimes seen as a blessing and other times a curse, it’s one of the most important things that defines us as a species.

Choice comes up daily in decisions like whether to hit the snooze button or stay in a relationship or how we perceive things that happen in our lives.

No matter what the decision, the most important thing to remember about choice is that we have it. We may not always like the options, but we do always have a choice.

There have been times along the way that I forgot this. I wasn't a victim to circumstance. It wasn't someone else's fault. I had the ability to choose to be an active participant in my own life.

And if I had made a choice that wasn't working for me, I always had the option to choose again. To create a different, more suitable outcome. Or to look at things differently. To come at it again in a new way.

Unfortunately, we’re constantly giving our choice away. Letting time pass so that options are no longer available. Asking others what they'd like to do, what they'd like to see happen. Busying ourselves to the point of being unable to listen to what we need. Telling ourselves we’re doing things for others. That we’re doing things because we have no choice. But that’s not true.  

We have been given this remarkable gift of creating and designing the quality of our lives at every fork in the road. And all we have to do is commit to a life of choosing. And then choosing again each time we’re presented with options and opportunities. Knowing there are always many different, yet equally wonderful ways of things turning out.

Want to know the secret to it all and what it means for us? There is no wrong choice. The only 'wrong' choice is not choosing. So start choosing now. And inspire those in your life to do the same.

Love and Choose Fiercely,