To the Year Ahead!

Happiest of New Years!!

And it's a big one. 2016 was the Year of the Caterpillar, 2017 the Cocoon and 2018 the Butterfly. This from a dear friend in the know, but I really feel this way too. There comes a time when we simply have to emerge as we're meant to. My word for this year: Inspired-Action. Time to really make magic happen.

With this fresh new energy, I am so excited to share Wildflower's up and coming programs for 2018. Why not reach as many Moms & Daughters as possible. Plant seeds of deep connection and bring a little more light into our world. There's lots on offer and I need your help to get the word out:

Mother & Daughter Mini Retreats (connection, love and laughter)
Mother & Daughter Themed Yoga Classes (body-image, self-love, bullying, etc)
Mother & Daughter Private Sessions (tailored to unique needs)

I also have some amazing partnerships and collaborations in the works to bring even deeper connection and greater joy to our community. Stay tuned as it all unfolds. I look forward to the big year ahead. I. Am. Ready. <3