What Drives The Retreats

Each retreat invites 10 mother & daughter pairs to connect, explore and enjoy. Pairs are joined by myself and another hand-picked wildflower to ensure that your experience is remarkable. Working together with the retreat center staff, every detail is looked after, making sure that you and your daughter are wrapped in love from the moment you arrive.

A Uniquely Curated Experience

Love and care has gone into every aspect of designing the retreat. And every detail is the result of careful consideration in creating a beautiful experience for you and your daughter. All workshop content, material, activity and inclusions have a defined purpose guided by research, theory, practice and women I have encountered along the way. You will feel my commitment to feeding potential and possibility within you and your daughter. The value of what you experience together and what you take away from the retreat is nearly impossible to define.

I Genuinely Care

I really do. It is so important to me that this experience plants essential seeds for you and your daughter that will grow over the years. It’s also really important to me that you have an absolutely wonderful time together; one that you will talk about for years to come. It's why I personally contact each pair coming on the retreat, to get to know you better and understand what you are looking for, as well as answer any questions either of you may have.

Your Own Outcomes

Each group is guided by myself and another facilitator with a complementary background. I maintain that you are the experts in your own lives and that you already have everything that you need within you. Because of this, you decide what you take away from this experience. The retreat will touch on important topics, tools and ideas and it is intended for you and your daughter to take what works for you and leave the rest. That means you can rest easy knowing that you are in-charge and you always have choice.  

The Power Of Community

One of the things that makes Wildflower Mother & Daughter Retreats so special is that the power of group dynamics contributes to the overall beauty of the experience. Meet other amazing women. Share together, learn from each other. Feel supported. Experience a new way to travel and spend time together with others who also want to give their daughters the best they can.  

Take All The Hassle Out Of Planning

I know you have better things to do with your time than to concern yourself with the overwhelming details of planning a getaway with your daughter. This is why I wanted to make the decision to choose a Wildflower Mother & Daughter Retreat as easy as possible, and the process to join even easier. The itineraries are created by myself who has traveled extensively and worked with women for years to understand what a makes a memorable and life-changing retreat.  

Who Are The Retreats For?  

The retreats are for those who want to give their daughter a head start on everything that she needs to thrive. For those who want to give themselves the same love too. For those who seek a deeper connection and stronger relationship with their daughter. Those with an exploratory spirit, openness to discovering new things and an interest in making the world a better place through the creation of bold, brave, beautiful women.

Want to learn more about why I started Wildflower and what was involved in creating this unique experience? Check it out here!