Wildflower Grows With You

You've asked and I've listened. The themes and topics covered are a combination of what I’ve seen, heard and been told that you want yourself and others to know and feel. Giving you an opportunity to take a moment for yourself. A chance to do something really special just for you. Everyone around you, including your daughter, will thank you.


Trust breeds trust. If you trust yourself, you will trust your daughter. If you trust your daughter, she will trust herself. Building trust and repairing it when broken. Exploring how to trust in yourself and the choices and decisions you make, so as to be a model for your daughter.


Beauty is a loaded concept. Deconstructing society’s narrow view of it and explore the pressures that you face. Looking at your own relationship with self-esteem, body-image and competition, developing ways to discuss these topics with your daughter.


Fierce, strong women are the future. Connecting to the power of your physical body as it translates into other facets of your life. Having raw discussions about boundaries, choices and the importance of cultivating your voice. Exploring practical tools to help you stay strong despite pressure and expectation.


Too often choice is given away. Learning to adapt to change and take in experience without giving up your choice. Making your own decisions and making up your own mind. Creating more freedom in your body, relationships, and lives through looking at possibility versus pressured expectation.


The answer is always more love. Increasing confidence and acceptance through unconditional love of your own uniqueness, quirks and imperfections, teaching your daughter the same. Exploring what your daughter’s behaviour is asking for and learn the importance of love languages.