The Seeds Wildflower Plants

You've asked and I've listened. The themes and topics are a combination of what I’ve seen, heard and been told that our girls need to know and feel. Giving them everything we wish we would have had far sooner.



Exploring how to build trust and repair it when broken. Learning to trust in ourselves and the choices and decisions we make, and trusting others to love and support us and keep us safe. Learning when not to trust and how to know the difference.


Deconstructing society’s narrow concept of beauty. Exploring the pressures that inevitably ensue as women chase an elusive ideal. Celebrating function over form. Embracing our unique beauty by developing positive self-esteem and body image. Finding all the things within worthy of celebration.


Connecting to the power of our physical bodies and looking at how that translates into other facets of our lives. Understanding boundaries, positive choices and the importance of cultivating our voice. Developing practical tools to stay strong despite pressure and expectation.


Learning to adapt to change and take in experience. Making our own decisions and making up our own minds. Creating more freedom in our bodies, our connections and relationships, and our lives through looking at possibility versus pressured expectation.


Developing unconditional love and acceptance for our uniqueness, quirks and imperfections. Letting go of the impossible standards that we would never hold another to. Understanding what our behaviour is saying and learning how to ask for what we want and need through our language of love.