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Mother's Day Mom & Daughter Mini Retreat (Age 15-18)

  • True Nosh Studio 2200 Ontario Street Vancouver, BC, V5T 2X2 Canada (map)

Join me for a celebration of the beauty within your relationship and the remarkable importance of the bond. 

Wildflower Mother & Daughter Retreats were created for the curious who crave something deeper out of life. Something unseen on the surface. Like a rock-solid connection in ourselves and our relationships. And an opportunity to celebrate, dive into and acknowledge what we don't always get a chance to.

Each Mini Retreat is a unique immersion based on what we wished we would have known or been told sooner. Changing the messages we're receiving, the conversations we're having and the way we're spending time together.

This event starts with the foundation. Deepening your bond and understanding of each other, you'll leave with tips and tools for communication and connection. Uninterrupted, quality time to be seen and heard infused with a whole lotta love and laughter too.

The Retreat combines pair-based activities/discussion between you and your Daughter along with a gentle yoga sequence for a little extra love.

Space is limited so registration is required. Please complete the form at to confirm your space. 

Exchange includes 3 hour interactive workshop with tips and tools for communication and connection, 45 min themed yoga class, custom-designed hand-made Wildflower Mala Bracelet, light refreshments and candid photos. $99/person.

*Wildflower Mom & Daughter events are tailored to the age and stage of the women attending. This particular event is tailored to Moms & Daughters 15-18. Please see other events for 10-14 and over 18*

Email with any questions. 
So excited to have you join ♥

Check out what others are saying about the experience: 

"Sometimes all the human heart needs is to know that they are seen and heard. That their hopes, dreams, insecurities, and fears matter... I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon with my daughter doing just that. 

I love to say that we are super close, but it is so important to make sure we take the time to check-in in our relationships, all of them. To make sure your loved ones are ok, and that they know they matter. Life is so hectic sometimes. We are so busy doing, we need to be able to pause and be a human being, in the present, engaged with the people that matter most. 

Wildflower Retreats helped us do that. Just relax, be ourselves, and share important conversation with each other. It is a really beautiful experience for all mothers and daughters to share. I learned some important tools that I can take into any important relationship in my life, and learned a couple of things about my daughter, and how I can be a better mother. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon. "  -S.B.