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Anxiety is My Super Power- Embracing and Working Within a Hyper-Sensitive System

For Mamas & Daughters ♥

Anxiety is an epidemic that is sweeping across our world and finding its way into our children and youth as much as our adults. This absolutely has to change. Join me for an incredible evening with your Daughter exploring this often misunderstood state of ourselves and the world. 

I am constantly approached by Women and Girls who name anxiety as something they struggle with. This experience asks us to shift our perspective around what it means to work within a system that is over-stimulated and hyper-sensitive. It asks us to embrace our power as a being with the ability to feel deeply and react intensely to the world around us.

You will leave the evening with a fresh perspective on the incredible gifts that we receive from a system that is hyper-aware. We explore tips and tools to work with the intense emotions that flow through us and ways to embrace and listen to the messages that our bodies are sending. 

The evening includes pair-based discussion and activity, gentle movement and breath as well as my favourite art project of all time- Meditation Jars. 

Exchange includes 3 hour interactive workshop, customized yoga and breath, light refreshments and all materials and supplies. Special rate of $79/person.

Space is limited so registration is required. Please complete the form at to confirm your space. 

A fantastic continuation for those who have attended a Mom & Daughter Mini Retreat.

This experience is tailored to Moms & Daughters 10-14 with flexibility in ages. It is recommended (not required) that you have attended a Mom & Daughter Foundational Experience to get the most out of the evening. If you have not, there is the option to connect with me over the connection and communication fundamentals we cover. Please email to discuss.

Look forward to having you join!