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My Body, My Temple- Loving and Living in Our Skin Suit

For Mamas & Daughters ♥

Our connection with our bodies is reflective of the love that we have for ourselves. And you bet your Daughter picks up on all of the things you say and feel as well as what you don't. She learns how to feel about herself by the way you feel about yourself. Join me for a remarkable evening with your Daughter exploring the essential relationship we all must cultivate with our bodies.

We know the unrealistic expectations and overwhelming pressures that exist for us to look a certain way. And we also know that we don't want our girls to internalize those impossible standards and define their worth through their physical appearance.

This experience asks us to create a loving relationship with our bodies. We shift our perspective from what it looks like to how it feels and what it does for us.  

You will leave the evening with a fresh perspective on the magic of our bodies and what the relationship with them means for all other areas of our lives. We explore tips and tools to work with old stories, judgments and deeply internalized messages we send ourselves about our value and worth. Our girls already carry them. We must now support them in developing a new way.  

The evening includes pair-based discussion, group activity, as well as movement and breath.

Exchange includes 3 hour interactive workshop, customized yoga and breath, light refreshments and all materials and supplies. Special rate of $79/person.

Space is limited so registration is required. Please complete the form at to confirm your space. 

A fantastic continuation for those who have attended a Mom & Daughter Mini Retreat.

This experience is tailored to Moms & Daughters 10-14 with flexibility in ages. It is recommended (not required) that you have attended a Mom & Daughter Foundational Experience to get the most out of the evening. If you have not, there is the option to connect with me over the connection and communication fundamentals we cover. Please email to discuss.

Look forward to having you join!