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Summer Mentorship Series for Girls

A beautiful gift for your daughter to explore connection, expression, managing stress and working with emotion.  

This experience offers the opportunity for your daughter to connect one-on-one with myself in a once a week session aimed at building tools and skills to show up as her best self. The sessions are tailored to her needs and incorporate parallel activity that engages her best. The final session is reserved for the two of you together.

Together, we create a package and experience that fits best within your needs and schedule. Please email me directly at to set up a time to connect. 

Space is limited. Dates and times to be arranged together.

Exchange includes 6 90-minute individual, personalized sessions (5 one-on-one with Daughter and 1 Mom & Daughter together), a custom-designed, hand-made Wildflower Mala Bracelet for Mom and Daughter, as well as all materials and activities. 

So inspired by your commitment to give your daughter everything that she needs. Individualized support means the difference between knowing she can and being afraid, between standing strong and giving into pressure and between loving herself and wishing she was someone else.

Honoured to be invited in for the process <3

*Additional sessions available for ongoing support*