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Me For the World to See- Social Media Pressures & Personas

For Mamas & Daughters ♥

Like it or not, we live in a world that is ruled by social media. We are now starting to define our value, worth and indentity by what we see and hear online. We compare, compete, shame, and project and we do it all publicly. As our girls age, we absolutely have to arm them with the information, perspective and tools to be able to use social media wisely and to choose authentically who they want to be, on and off line.

I am approached all the time by Moms who would love to change their Daughter's relationship with social media and the online world or would love to pro-actively intervene in a positive way.

Join me for a deeply powerful evening with your Daughter exploring this new state of our world in which we have the power to create and project anything and everything.

Between the misinformation, the selective sharing and the bullying that happens online, we must have open and real conversations about the impact. This experience asks us to embrace a healthy and informed view around what it means to share ourselves with the world online and the challenges that come with it.

You will leave the evening with a fresh, informed perspective of how and when to use social media and what it means to grow up in a world in which we are accessible 24/7 and everything is documented. We explore tips and tools to have a positive and informed presence online as well as healthy boundaries around use of social media.

The evening includes pair-based discussion and activity and gentle movement and breath.

Exchange includes 3 hour interactive workshop, customized yoga and breath, light refreshments and all materials and supplies. Special rate of $79/person.

Space is limited so registration is required. Please complete the form at to confirm your space. 

A fantastic continuation for those who have attended a Mom & Daughter Mini Retreat.

This experience is tailored to Moms & Daughters 10-14 with flexibility in ages. It is recommended (not required) that you have attended a Mom & Daughter Foundational Experience to get the most out of the evening. If you have not, there is the option to connect with me over the connection and communication fundamentals we cover. Please email to discuss.

Look forward to having you join!