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Coming of Age- Connection & Celebration for Moms & Daughters

We invite you to join us for an afternoon of depth, exploration and connection as we unpack the conditioning around our menstrual cycles. 

We gather as Mothers and Daughters to share experience and amplify the positive impact of self worth and understanding. 

We explore our inherent power and our ability to foster deep connection and trust for ourselves and others.

You’ll Leave With:
*A reverence for the magic of our body
*Language around ritual and celebration during menstrual cycles
*Deep connection to your own life cycles and rhythms as well as your Daughters
*Meaningful communication
*Ritual building between you and your Daughter

Age Recommendations:
This afternoon is built for Daughters who are transitioning into or already in the menstruation phase of their lives. We value that each of us are unique in the time our cycle may enter into our lives. Because of this honouring, there is no specific age range for this offering.
We only ask that there has been a conversation beforehand if your daughter has not began her cycle.
* If the conversation hasn’t been had with your daughter yet,
feel free to reach out to Jasmine or Carmen *

Daughters will join us from 1-3 to for an afternoon of learning, movement and ritual building. Mothers, will join us at 3-5:30 as we weave in all that the Daughters have taken away from the first half, as well as deepening and celebrating the sacred bond between Mother and Daughter.

Space is limited so please register at to save your spot. Email with any questions. 

Exchange Includes:
*4.5 hour Interactive Workshop and Celebration
*Themed Yoga
*Light Refreshments
*Candid Photos
*All Material and Supplies
*Surprise Take Home Goodies

Brought to you by Carmen of Wildflower Mother & Daughter Retreats ( and Jasmine of Humble Wild Flower (