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Full Weekend Retreat for Moms & Daughters

  • Half Moon Haven Oceanfront Resort 8505 Redrooffs Road Halfmoon Bay, BC, V0N 1Y1 Canada (map)

Everything you crave within your heart starts now, within the beauty of the bond between you and your daughter. The heart of Wildflower Mom & Daughter Retreats beats to inspire you to be bold and brave and unapologetic in yourselves. When you connect deeply and show up fully, you change the world you live in- for you and for her.

This powerful weekend retreat is designed and created to maximize positive impact and minimize risk through a delicious mix of everything to support both of you in knowing, feeling and believing you are enough. You'll leave the weekend with:

A Stronger Bond

She comes to you when she needs something. She appreciates you as a person. And you understand her as a person too. You are even able to talk about those really tough topics.

A Bold and Confident Daughter

Not only does she love herself, but she knows and feels her worth. She prioritizes herself. Her decisions and boundaries are solid. She knows how to ask for what she needs. She trusts herself.

A Deep Trust in Yourself

You begin to let go of guilt and worry. You see your positive impact. You see what her behaviour is asking for and give her what she needs. You trust you’re doing your best, so she trusts you too.

You'll explore some of the most powerful and enjoyable outlets as tools to share the goods. Yoga, dance, adventure, nature, art, music, spa and group and individual activity mean your experience takes into account all of you, to give you more. Enjoying yourself is a prerequisite to planting seeds of lasting impact, so imagine everything you wish you had known as a young girl delivered in a weekend of pleasure and beauty amidst growth and learning. You'll deepen the messages you’re sending, the conversations you’re having and the way you’re spending time together. Think quality time, just the girls.

About the Retreat Venue and Package

I am thrilled to partner with Halfmoon Haven Oceanfront Resort nestled in the beautiful coastal area of Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast, BC (just 2 hours from Vancouver) to offer 2 nights accommodation in a private room with all delicious, healthy and freshly prepared meals included. The oceanfront property is a slice of paradise surrounded by nature offering a therapeutic hot tub, steam room, and full service spa. All retreat activities will be held within the ceremonial yurt on the property and all meals can be enjoyed community style.

You are welcomed with a custom gift basket packed full of inspiration and goodies. Your body and mind are nurtured with all workshop content and material, as well as connection, communication, yoga, dance, breathwork, nature and relaxation to ensure that you emerge from the experience refreshed.

You express yourself through art and music. You learn connection and communication tips and tools from the themed workshops that will positively impact your lives going forward. You receive candid and portrait photos so the beauty of your experience stays with you long after you return home.

Early Bird $449/person until Apr 1, 2019. $549/person regular.

Please contact with any questions. Upon registering a welcome package makes its way to you with additional details about the weekend.

The Impact of Connection and Uniterrupted Time

The impact of a solid connection between you and your daughter is remarkable. It means more confidence, more trust, more love. It also means positive decisions, strong boundaries and healthy choices. It means the difference between knowing she can and being afraid, between standing strong and giving into pressure and between loving herself and wishing she was someone else. Same goes for you.

Although remarkably rewarding, being a mom is tough and the pressure monumental. Time is limited and at the end of the day you never really know if you did the right thing. But you are exactly the mother that your daughter needs and uninterrupted time together reminds both of you of this essential piece. She doesn't need you to be perfect, she needs you to be YOU!

The Spirit of the Wildflower

A wildflower brings colour and life to even the toughest of places. In its vulnerability, it stands strong and shares its unique beauty with the world around it. It's non-conformist and resilient. It blooms on its own terms and never gives up. It's as fierce as it is brave and knows that there is always a way. It trusts, it loves and it is as wild as it is free. It simply believes it can so it does.

Even the world knows any effort at imposing expectation or pressure on it is futile. It will be its own kind of beautiful. | @wildflowerretreats |