The Itinerary

The themes, topics and activities are designed and created from extensive collaboration, research and practice. With so much to share, the experience plants essential seeds to ensure you and your daughter feel the positive impact long after you return home.

Day 1: Trust

Exploring how to build trust and repair it when broken. Learning to trust in yourselves and the choices and decisions you make, and trusting others to love and support you and keep you safe. Learning when not to trust and how to know the difference. Includes orientation, partner yoga and welcome dinner.

Day 2: Beauty

Deconstructing society’s narrow concept of beauty. Exploring the pressures that inevitably ensue as women chase an elusive ideal. Celebrating function over form. Embracing your unique beauty by developing positive self-esteem and body image. Finding all the things within worthy of celebration. Includes yoga, art and dance.

Day 3: Fierceness

Connecting to the power of your physical body and looking at how that translates into other facets of your life. Understanding boundaries, positive choices and the importance of cultivating your voice. Developing practical tools to stay strong despite pressure and expectation. Includes surf, music and hip-hop yoga.

Day 4: Freedom

Learning to adapt to change and take in experience. Making your own decisions and making up your own mind. Creating more freedom in your body, your connections and relationships, and your life through looking at possibility versus pressured expectation. A free day that includes an excursion of your choice and a beach bonfire.

Day 5: Love

Developing unconditional love and acceptance for your uniqueness, quirks and imperfections. Letting go of the impossible standards that you would never hold another to. Understanding behaviour as a language and learning how to ask for what you want and need through your language of love. Includes spa, surf and yoga.

Day 6: Connection

Exploring how to build healthy relationships that support you. Learning communication tools that work based on the individual. Understanding the importance of connecting with others, by first feeling connected to yourself. Includes spa, photo-shoots and farewell celebration.

Daily Schedule

*Please note that each day is uniquely scheduled and structured. A complete detailed itinerary and schedule is available upon registration for the retreat or by request here. As group dynamics are an important part of the experience, it is highly encouraged that you attend and participate in all activities.


Sunrise meditation (*optional)

8am- 9am- Breakfast  

9am-12pm- Morning workshops and activities

12pm-1pm- Lunch

1pm-4pm- Afternoon workshops and activities

4pm-6pm- Free time

6pm-7pm- Dinner

7pm-730pm- Free time

730pm-830pm- Evening activity

830pm-845pm- Evening meditation (*optional)


Plenty of rest and refresh breaks are incorporated throughout the day. Day 4 is a free day for an excursion of your choice. As each retreat is customized to the particular group, all itineraries, activities and schedules are subject to change.